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Yet another jam packed week!

Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by Charlotte Sanders

As always, there is lots on offer this week from the Nottingham New Theatre.

The UNCUT Season’s second offering opens tonight!

No Exit by Jean-Paul Satre

A dark and strangely funny play about three people who one by one are brought into ‘hell’. This room is hell but instead of shackles, racks and fire there are only words, unwanted affection and troublesome pasts.
Tensions build and eventually, after lesbian advances, moral confessions, attempted murder, and brooding about their past and futures, the characters realise that hell isn’t a physical place.
‘Hell’ is eternity in other peoples company, and there is no exit!
Tickets are limited for this one and reservations have been coming in thick and fast – tonight is ALREADY FULL.
There are only two chances to see this show (tonight and tomorrow) so, send an email to NOW and get down there early.

The audience watch in darkness from above, on a balcony that surrounds the entire room, as events unfold.

Doors are at 6.30pm and remember tickets are just £3!

And presented by our Main Season this week – George Orwell’s ’1984′ adapted by Matthew Dunster

War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.
This adaptation of Orwell’s classic novel follows Winston and Julia as they face the perils of rebelling against Big Brother’s totalitarian regime.
Set in an industrial scaffolding amphitheatre, a relationship is brutally ripped apart, a man tortured and reality becomes unknowable.

An illicit love affair and a brutal torture: DO NOT MISS this classic dystopian novel brought to life in an unsettling and unique theatrical experience.

Performances will start on Wednesday 28th November and run until Saturday 1st December.
Doors will be at 7pm every evening and at 2pm for the Saturday matinee
– Remember freshers can get half price entry to matinees – that’s a brilliant show for as little as £2.

Tickets are just £4 for members, £5 for concessions and £8 for members of the public

*To reserve tickets now,  send an email to:

Keep an eye out for more news of the drama club session this week and of course for info about the show afterparty on Saturday night. Have a lovely week!