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Welcome Back!

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To all those returning from Summer feeling artistically starved, welcome back! To all those visiting for the first time…welcome home. This year, The Nottingham New Theatre aims to be as inclusive, diverse and talented as possible, in the hope that in facilitating your immense skill, we can all in turn benefit. As is standard for any society, the first few weeks of term this year are going to be our most packed in terms of what you can do before we decide what shows are going to be performed this semester, so here are some dates for your diary:

  • Monday 21st – Wednesday 23rd September: 
    • Week One Festival – Come and see us at our stall outside the theatre!
  • Thursday 24th September: 
    • Freshers’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) – A chance for us here at The Nottingham New Theatre to introduce ourselves to you.
  • Friday 25th September: 
    • Proposals Advice Meeting (PAM) – A meeting for anybody interested in proposing a show to be run this term (more information will be given about this at the Freshers’ AGM).
  • Monday 28th – Tuesday 29th September: 
    • Freshers’ Fringe Sessions – Freshers’ Fringe is a fantastic opportunity for any and all freshers and theatre newcomers to get involved in a fun and exciting two day show in October; these initial session will act as a fun meet and greet and a way to form groups. 
  • Wednesday 30th September: 
    • Introduction to Auditions – If you want to audition for shows this year and want some pointers on the logistics of the process and some tips on how to get into character to be the best you can be, these sessions are for you!
    • Introduction to Backstage – If you’re more of a backstage person, then this session is for you as you will get to find out everything that makes a show happen, from stage managing, to tech, to workshop, and have fun at the same time!
  • Saturday 3rd October:
    • In-house Proposals – A crucial date in the New Theatre calendar, the In-house Proposals are where we see what you as a societal body want to put on this term. More information on proposals will be provided at the PAM on Friday 25th September.
  • Sunday 4th October: 
    • Freshers’ Fringe Tech and Dress Run – This is when it all starts to feel real, the tech and dress run marks the start of performance for this year as it will be when the Freshers’ Fringe is first seen by directors, actors, producers and other stage crew in all its glory (and its warts too).
  • Monday 5th – Tuesday 6th October: 
    • Freshers’ Fringe Performances – Ta daa! We made it past the first hurdle and now is your time to shine! A brilliant show that everyone from your best new friend to the person at the end of your corridor will enjoy coming to watch.
  • Wednesday 7th October: 
    • Autumn Semester AGM – In this meeting, anyone interested in getting stuck into a show (from actors to those interested in tech, design, staging and becoming a production assistant) will get to see what shows the committee have chosen to be performed this semester, with the shows’ directors and producers giving a brief description of their shows and all roles that need to be filled
  • Thursday 8th – Friday 9th October: 
    • In-house Auditions – Actors! Now your time to shine has truly come, audition days are a myriad of stress, exhilaration and heart-pounding excitement as you get to show your chops to directors and producers. Break a leg!
  • Saturday 10th October: 
    • In-house Call Backs – For anyone whose initial audition was successful, the call backs are a time to add depth to your auditions to try and nab a place in an in-house show.
  • Sunday 11th October:
    • In-house Casting – If your callback was successful then this when you’ll find out. Casting is a long and arduous process, and will be explained more as the year progresses, what you need to know now is that it isn’t the be all and end all of being a part of our theatre. Aside from the Fringe Season which runs concurrently to the In-house season (and has an identical proposal and audition process), there will be opportunities to get stuck in throughout the semester before everything resets and starts again next term!
  • Monday 12th October:
    • Fringe PAM – In this session, the anyone interested in proposing a show for our fringe season will receive tips and pointers on the process and how to propose. More information about discrepancies between the Fringe and In-house season will be explained at the first Freshers’ AGM.
  • Saturday 17th October:
    • Fringe Proposals – Fringe shows will now be chosen by the committee, and the full body of this semester’s shows will finally be in its final form! 
  • Wednesday 21st October:
    • Fringe AGM – Much the same as the In-house AGM, in this session, Fringe directors and producers can now introduce their show.
  • Thursday 22nd – Friday 23rd October:
    • Fringe Auditions – It’s important to note here that due to the unchangeable fact that the Fringe season starts one week later than the In-house season, there will be less auditions, however these auditions will prove to be as exciting as the last!
  • Saturday 24th October:
    • Fringe Recalls – This process will be the same as the process for the In-house recalls and will mark the end of the auditioning process for this semester.
  • Sunday 25th October:
    • Fringe Casting – Here we have it! The final casting of the semester, and the start of the Fringe season.

This may all seem daunting and confusing if this is your first time with us, but it will all make more sense as time progresses. If you have any questions (or just want to say hi!) come and see us at the Week One Festival, or contact us via email. For updates on any changes and additions to events throughout the year, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


Happy Freshers’ Week!

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