The Nottingham New Theatre


The New Theatre welcomes all actors. The Nottingham New Theatre has a policy of an actor only being in one play for each season (In House and Fringe) a semester, meaning that more people have the opportunity to tread the New Theatre boards. So if you’ve never been on a stage before, or were the sheep in your Nativity Play, or have acted at school, or have been in Casualty, or have performed at the RSC, or simply just dabble, please come along and audition!


The Audition process for each season’s plays are held over a three day period at the beginning of each semester. Anyone, providing they’re a member of New Theatre, can audition. Auditions are always fair and open. Auditions will typically comprise of being given a speech or a scene, being given time to go and look at it and then asked to perform it for the director. Directors are free to hold auditions any way they like, so there isn’t really anything you can do to prepare.

It is a good idea to sign-up and audition for everything. This means you will get more experience of auditions and stand a greater chance of being cast in a play.

How to get involved?

You can get involved in either the In House or Fringe Season by emailing Jess Donn, In House Coordinator, or Daniel McVey, Fringe Coordinator at and respectively.

Signups for auditions can be made at the Season Launches, audition locations and recall lists will be published on the New Theatre Facebook Page.