The Nottingham New Theatre


Building for a play is an easy way to get involved with the New Theatre and is a great step for any new member. Constructing a set or a series of props gives you the opportunity to see all the levels of a New Theatre production during a play week, from rigging and the get-in through to rehearsals and performances. There is no better feeling than seeing a play run in the set that you have put in the hours to build. The work is mainly done on the Saturday and Sunday of a play week with the aim of getting the set ready to be lit and rehearsed on, from then on hopefully only touch ups and dressing will be needed.

After a couple of shows you will become a font of workshop knowledge and will definitely get bitten by the New Theatre bug, itching to come back and see how far you can stretch the laws of physics using just wood and screws. Whether you consider yourself a person that works well with your hands, or have too much energy for one section of the theatre to handle, a familiar face or a brand new member, come and get involved in the workshop. We will be running training throughout the season to teach even the complete newbie how to use all of the tools we have in our arsenal.

Your committee contact for all things workshop is Jack Ellis, our Company Set Technician, who you can reach at with any questions, to find out about training and to register your interest.