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Are you an on-the-ball sort of person? Do you relish a job well done? Have you got what it takes to organise and manage the staging of an entire production? Then you’ll make an excellent producer.

A Producer is responsible for delivering a good show, on time and on budget. They are the organisational powerhouse of, ultimately, making sure things run smoothly; with everything from booking rooms for rehearsals to getting rights from publishers to stage shows. It’s fantastic fun, and if you like the sound of it, contact the productions co-ordinator and they’ll sort you out with a director and a show. You can also come along to Proposals meeting at the start of each season to see what shows need producers.

It’s hard to define what being a Producer involves. We are the ticking cogs behind the scenes of every show, making it all run so smoothly that you wouldn’t even notice it had all been planned that way. The Producer makes the director’s vision a reality; this is the priority which makes all the toil, late-nights, time and effort so worthwhile. To see a show manifest from a synopsis on a piece of paper to a full production, complete with some of the most amazing and talented people you’ll ever meet, is incredible.

You’re in the thick of the process from proposals through to judging auditions then to sourcing sets and gathering your team of dedicated crew-mates. You get to be involved in every aspect of a show: creatively, financially, administratively, technically and even promotionally. You do have to be super organised, you have to be devoted to your show and, most importantly, you have to make sure everyone is always in the right place at the right time! Having unlimited texts helps too!

Steering a production around all manner of crises and organising publicity drives to help sell your show is sometimes a 24 hour job and I’ve ended up living in the theatre on more than a few occasions! But I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.” (Adna Duherich, Producer ’10/’11)

How to get involved

Your contact for all things productions is Felicity Chilver, who can be reached at if you’ve got any questions.

Various resources for producers can be found on the members’ site.