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Are you an on-the-ball sort of person? Do you relish a job well done? Have you got what it takes to organise and manage the staging of an entire production? Then you’ll make an excellent producer.

A Producer is responsible for delivering a good show, on time and on budget. They are the organisational powerhouse of, ultimately, making sure things run smoothly; with everything from booking rooms for rehearsals to getting rights from publishers to stage shows. It’s fantastic fun, and if you like the sound of it, contact the productions co-ordinator and they’ll sort you out with a director and a show. You can also come along to Proposals meeting at the start of each season to see what shows need producers.

Last year at NNT I was fortunate to produce both one of our In House (DEAD: A Musical) and one of our Fringe (Infectious) shows. Producing a show is a fantastic way of becoming deeply involved with the cast and crew as well as exercising your ability to budget, pitch and sell a show. It is one of the more logistical roles at the theatre and suits organised people but still leaves plenty of opportunity for creative input. This is especially true of producing student written shows where you may have a chance to give some feedback to the director about the script.

As a producer, it is often your job to rein in or find more cost effective (and sometimes safer!) ways to bring to life the vision of the director. This is my favourite part of the role. It allows you to be creative as well as presenting the challenge of thinking on your feet. You will work closely with the director and technical teams; giving your input on casting, staging and props so it can be helpful to have prior experience working on a show in another capacity but this is by no means essential.

Producing gives you the opportunity to become a vital member of a production family. You are the glue holding everything together (sometimes quite literally) both on and off stage. Producing has given me some of the most rewarding experiences I have had at NNT and I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a try.” (Emily Sterling, Producer ’16/’17)

How to get involved

If you want to produce any of our shows in any of our In House or Fringe shows, please contact the relevant coordinator:

Various resources for producers can be found on the members’ site.