The Nottingham New Theatre

Stage Management

A stage manager has a variety of roles within a production; primarily they are in charge of the set and the various props used within the show. The role of the stage manager begins in the get-in period, where they work closely with production teams and set designers to construct the set, turning it from the initial designs into a fully functioning structure. Within the Nottingham New Theatre, this can be anything from just two door frames to a two story apartment or an in the round scaffold structure.

It is then the responsibility of a stage manager to prepare the set for the show itself, they will prepare props and make sure the set is ready for the opening scene. Attending rehearsals and runs prior to the show itself, means that stage managers should have a good idea of what happens and when within the play, allowing for a greater adaptability backstage as well as an increased personal involvement with the show. On the night of the show itself, a stage manager is the eyes and ears of the production team backstage, often being required to cue actors and deal with issues such as costume changes or deployed special effects (such as smoke machines) as well as any unforeseen situations that may (and often do!) arise.

Why get involved?

Whether you’e a backstage veteran or a purist thespian, stage managing is a fantastic way to get involved in the wider aspects of the theatre and have the chance to dabble in everything it has to offer. It is highly rewarding, often challenging, and a great way to play an important part in a show while developing real life practical skills and without all that bother of learning lines.

Sound interesting?

For more information or to register your interest in stage management please contact Nadia Elalfi at