The Nottingham New Theatre


The technical crew plays an integral role in the running of the New Theatre, and we have the potential to turn a show into an epic masterpiece. The lighting stock has been upgraded and the sound system replaced over the summer, so we are ready to launch ourselves straight into the new season this year, and with the new equipment there are more exciting opportunities than ever before.Being involved with the tech side of a production is a great way to get involved with the New Theatre, it’s possible to jump in later in the year and start working on shows almost immediately. For the actors we know that there are only a limited number of roles each semester, and being involved with tech is a great way to be a part of the thrill and excitement of putting on a show. There is no need for you to have prior experience with anything technical; we can provide all the training and support you could ever need. To that end there will be safety, lighting and sound workshops during this semester to get everyone up to scratch. We are also planning on running workshops with professional lighting designers and sound technicians for those wanting to learn more about the fields.

Tech gives you an opportunity to learn a new skill and be plus you can be involved with as many productions as you like. You get to liaise with the director, the actors and the set building team in order to create a spectacular production and we have a lot of fun along the way.


The Operators will be running the shows technical equipment, they’ll also be on hand from the get-in to assist the Technical Director with rigging the lights, running cables, cutting gels, rigging speakers, focusing the lights and all the other jobs needed to get the show ready to run. This is where most techies will start out, full training is provided.

The Technical Director‘s (TD) job is to organise the show’s technical aspects, from the rigging of lights, to setting up projectors and strobes, or sorting sound cues. They are responsible for ensuring all these jobs are done in time for rehearsals and the first night. They will also call the show, which is theatre talk for following the script, talking to the stage manager and then telling the operators of lighting, sound etc when to run the cues.

The Lighting and Sound Designers create the lighting and sound for the production, find out more about lighting and sound design.

How to get involved?

Your committee contact for all technical matters is Joanne Blunt, you can email her at to find out about training and to register your interest.