The Nottingham New Theatre

Crop Up

The Crop Up Gallery is the University of Nottingham’s student run curatorial group.

Founded in February 2012, Crop Up stems from a need to create engaging work experience for young creatives – allowing them to discover their direction in the professional art world. As art lovers and gallery enthusiasts, we pride ourselves in creating working relationships with galleries and artists in the Midlands.


Conor Hurford

Plaster Ruin One

Plaster Ruin One by Connor Hurford
Carved keramicast plaster.

Oxidised Ruin

Oxidised Ruin by Connor Hurford
Carved plaster painted in bronze
powder, on concrete painted
in iron powder.

Conor’s work centres on ideas regarding ruin; in form, and in the duration of making.  He seeks to play with the idea of the natural and unnatural, through proposing forms which could have been eroded and subtracted by man and nature. He often carves directly into the shapes he casts, as well as into more organic sources such as stone. Material exploration continues to push these contrasts, in exciting and interesting ways.

“Ruins make us think of the past that could have been and the future that never took place, tantalizing us with utopian dreams of escaping the irreversibility of time.” Svetlana Boym.- Ruinophilia: Appreciation of Ruins










Ryan Heath

 My practice is currently exploring the effects of cropping and manipulating imagery, both in the material sense but also in the digital realm of photography and post-production software. I take the traditional role of the artist as a recorder of the world, taking visual inspiration from the urban environment, I then use this documentation as a springboard for new compositions. They’re presented as open and seemingly unresolved mixed-media paintings. Graphical yet still retaining a physical presence.

Graduate from NTU’s Fine Art Course, member of artist collective KUUBE