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As a collective we have been making tasty and comforting vegetarian and vegan fast food for decades now, but it was only when the moon hit the right spot in 2016 that we thought we should honour this and bring MOCKY-D’s vegan and vegetarian fast food for you to enjoy. After an eye opening trip to Chicago and many experiments, or should we say Alchemy! We found Seitan and we knew we had to share it with you!

What is Seitan? Seitan has been around for a long time! Historically traced back to the 6th century in places like Japan and China, it forms the basis of many vegetarian diets especially in Buddhism. It is a healthy and protein rich alternative to meat, we don’t need to mash up no animals for our pleasure! At MOCKY-D we have been working on our secret alchemy, experimenting and refining for years until our product is perfected in such a way that you can almost taste the history!

We are MOCKY-D and we are alchemy!

If you are reading this then you probably agree with us. Food is important, enjoyable! and should nourish us but not at the expense of the planet! Every time you eat with us rest assured that we have done our best to use and promote only the ingredients and suppliers that take time to work with our planet. Our meals avoid exploiting animals and where possible we only use local ingredients.

Our packaging is made from plants not plastic!

But don’t worry! Whether you eat meat, are vegetarian or vegan, our only aim is that everyone gets the chance to eat something tasty and in the process do the right thing by the planet. Most importantly our food is tasty, healthier and a treat!

Imagine what a difference we could make if we ate meat a few times less a week?!! Imagine if the tea you drink not only helps the farmer but helps the bees too?!! That’s what we do at MOCKY-D, slowly but surely and bite by bite we are trying to work with our planet whilst enjoying just how tasty her goodies can be!

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