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  • The Cosmonaut's Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Soviet Union, by David Greig

    23 May to 26 May 2018

    Stuck on board the Soviet Special Orbital Craft Harmony 114 for twelve years, forgotten by the world, comrades Oleg and Casimir drift over the skies of Europe in a desperate attempt to establish communication. Meanwhile, on Earth, worn out by the anguish of his two conflicting lives, Keith makes a decision that generates a life-changing drama for his wife, Vivienne. Out on a journey to search for him, on a mountain in Provence, she will find a forgotten sense of belonging. Somewhere else in Europe, Nastasja finds Eric, a powerful man with the personality of a grown-up child. In an attempt to possess every bit of her to fill the huge void of his soul, Eric will send Nastasja's friend and faithful guardian, Sylvia, on a mission… Three and one, the witty bar Proprietors witness these bits of humanity struggling with the baffling nonsense of everyday life and offer for free the amusing pearls of their own wisdom. Yet the key to understand this intricate web of lives is hinted at by the very title: The Cosmonaut's Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Soviet Union. Which is... is...

    Venue: New Theatre
  • A Number by Caryl Churchill

    4 Jun to 5 Jun 2018

    “I’m just a copy. I’m not the real one.” When thirty-five year old Bernard discovers that there are several cloned versions of him, his relationship with his father, Salter, becomes dangerously uncertain. The situation becomes worse when Salter’s original son arrives and the huge web of deceit that has been created begins to be torn down. Caryl Churchill’s haunting two hander examines the ethics of science with a new spin on the father/son relationship. A Number opens a debate about nature vs. nurture in a time when science is pushing the boundaries of what society can handle. When your identity is no longer just your own, how will you cope? This production is presented by Coronet Productions in association with the Nottingham New Theatre.

    Venue: New Theatre
  • Franz Woyzeck by Daniel McVey (based on Georg Buchner’s ‘Woyzeck’)

    10 Jun to 11 Jun 2018

    War has now been raging for many years; peace is as good as forgotten, soldiers have become a part of everyday life and death is more visible than ever. But now Franz is home, with his loving wife Marie, and both are as safe as they can be. So why is it that he cannot seem to relax around anyone, or trust anybody? Why can he barely look his baby daughter in the eye, or even acknowledge her existence? Will Franz and Marie ever be able to be truly happy again? Loosely based on Georg Buchner’s incomplete 19th century German classic Woyzeck, this modern adaptation focuses on remembering victims of war, and questioning how it is we remember them, exploring this through physical theatre.

    Venue: New Theatre
  • Macbeth by William Shakespeare

    12 Jun to 15 Jun 2018

    Three witches approach two nobles late at night, their faces mangled and their motives unclear. They foretell great fortune for Macbeth, great fortune that leads, ultimately, to downfall. One of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, Macbeth deals with many themes: from the fight between free will and fate to the psychological breakdown caused by murder and betrayal. The characters of this play struggle for power, might and for their lives, as the forces of fate and greed propel them to extreme action. A poetic masterpiece, this show offers some of the most famous and interesting characters in theatrical history

    Venue: New Theatre
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