The Nottingham New Theatre

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Box Office opens half an hour prior to start time, 7pm for a 7:30 evening show and 2pm for a 2:30 matinee.

  • As You Like It by William Shakespeare

    7 Dec to 10 Dec 2016

    Having seized power from her elder sister, Duchess Frederica struggles to control a court on the brink of civil war. The solution: to exile under pain of death the rightful heir to the Dukedom, her own niece and the people’s favourite, Rosalind. Meanwhile Orlando finds himself the victim of a cruel and archaic hereditary system exposing him to the fatal plots and ploys of his elder brother, Oliver. Fleeing their homes, the company including a fool, a servant and Frederica’s daughter Celia, escape into the Forest of Arden along with the hero and heroine in search of the rightful Duchess. What they discover however, is a place where freedom of expression and playfulness can, for the first time, triumph over the social constraints and expectations of ‘the envious court.’

    Venue: New Theatre
    In House
  • The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen by Tom Proffitt

    11 Dec to 12 Dec 2016

    George is a slightly obsessive lover of film; who in his final year of university meets Henry: a rational biochemist who falls in love with him because of his dreamy, philosophical outlook upon the world and passion for his art. To George, the ability to succeed in film is simple; all it involves is one thing- going into dreams and recreating those dreams for audiences. But when George is diagnosed with a condition which threatens to leave him completely blind; Henry and he have to work out not only what this means for their relationship, but also what it means when George is desperate to hold on to the one constant in his life; as the thing that helps him to achieve it is threatened to be lost forever.

    Venue: New Theatre
  • DEAD (a musical) by Lawrence Cuthbert and Josh Mallalieu

    13 Dec to 16 Dec 2016

    A fire breaks out in a Victorian manor house in 1895, killing all inside. Unfortunately, Heaven doesn’t notice. For ninety years the six neglected spirits sit about wondering what went wrong, until a young woman bursts through the door bringing all the glitz and glamour of the 1980s and throwing their ghoulish existences into chaos. Within a week, the young bachelor gentleman of the ghosts has fallen head over heels for the new tenant who can neither see nor hear him. Meanwhile, his best friend prepares to venture tentatively into the outside world for the first time, and the blustering patriarch of the ghost family struggles to conceal a dangerous secret from his love-starved wife, who is determined to breathe fresh passion into their long lifeless marriage. In an original musical that features everything from dancing mystics to underpaid angels and trips to the afterlife and back, everyone will be shown that it is never too late to begin life again, even if you’re already dead.

    Venue: New Theatre
    In House