The Nottingham New Theatre

Technical Specification


  • Stage measures 7.2m x 7.8m from proscenium line, add an extra 2.5m to the seat as stage can be extended if required, floor is black MDF.
  • Grid is roughly at 3.8m height.
  • SR wing 4.8mx3.8m
  • SL wing 3.3mx2.25m
  • Auditorium seats 86 in default configuration, ability to add extra row to front if required.

Get In

  • Largest entrance to stage 1.3m x 1.9m.
  • Loading access is by the front entrance to the theatre.
  • Parking is available only at University visitor car parks. A charge is made at these locations between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Dressing Rooms

  • Green room 3 x 8.5m, equipped with illuminated mirrors. Kitchenette, kettle, microwave, toaster and fridge available. 13A sockets around room.
  • Changing cubicles are located in adjacent room, three cubicles 2 x 2m.
  • Single accessible toilet at rear of green room. All areas covered by show relay system.


DWG files available on request.


Ability to drape wings and rear of stage. Ability to provide curtain rail with Black drape upon request.


Information pending


Prolyte Stagedex System, complete with legs for heights between 20cm and 80cm. Higher platforms can be built upon consultation with the Technical Manager and Theatre Manager.


Rear stage access via backstage rooms, if set does not provide appropriate passage there is no internal access to SL wing.


Drapes, backdrops, scenery

We are an open stage with no safety curtain, please ensure any scenery, drapes or backdrops are fire resistant to the appropriate level. We reserve the right to carry out controlled flame tests and to disallow the use of materials that in our opinion may not be durably flame retardant.

Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1992

Please ensure your assessments under these and associated regulations are submitted to us no more than 14 days before your get in.


All electrical equipment, must be in good condition, with appropriate protective circuits and must be wired in accordance with the current IEE wiring regulations. Equipment and staff must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, in particular in respect to the use and testing of Portable Appliances and certification produced for inspection. Do not bring equipment which does not comply with the above. The Technical Manager reserves the right to test any equipment that does not appear in good order or shows no certification – a charge for this service may be levied. Please respect the Duty Technician’s decision on any matter regarding Health and Safety. We reserve the right to disallow the use of any electrical or rigging equipment, or substances that in our opinion may be dangerous.

House Sound and Lighting

All requirements must be specified to the Technical Manager 14 days before your get in. We have multiple performance spaces and equipment may be reserved for use in those.

Control Position

Control position is a box central behind audience. Room is closed off with sliding window on the front. Room for 3 ops with full view of stage.

Visiting companies are responsible for the saving and backing up of their show data. Any further requirements please contact the Technical Manager.


Control is ETC Ion console. We possess an ETC Nomad and Gadget bundle for use in our Studio Spaces.


  • 10 Selecon Rama 1kW Fresnel
  • 4 Strand Patt 223 1kW Fresnel
  • 18 Selecon Acclaim 650W Fresnel
  • 2 CCT Minuette 650W Fresnel
  • 4 Strand Patt 123 500W Fresnel
  • 10 ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25°-50° 575W
  • 4 Acclaim 650W 24°-44° Zoomspot
  • 6 Chauvet COLORdash LED Par-Quad 18
  • 2 Selecon Condenser 12° 1kW
  • 3 Strand Patt 23 500W Profile
  • 15 PAR16 Birdies
  • 2 Strand Coda 500 (Houselights)
  • 2 Strand Patt 137
  • Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe (DMX-Controlled, 16A feed)
  • Pulsar Strobe (Remote Controlled, Non-DMX)


  • CEE form outlets in SR wing, 63A 3ph and 32A 1ph available
  • 64 IWB circuits in grid and 8 ground circuits
  • 48 ways of dimming hard patched to above
  • 1 ETC Smartpack with 12 channels of dimming availble to supplement hard-wired dimmers.
  • 6 hard power outlets in patch bay, 60A maximum


  • 2 RCF C3110 FOH on Yamaha P7000S
  • RCF S8015LP subwoofer on Yamaha P5000S
  • 2 RCF ART 310-A active Speakers with Flying Brackets
  • 2 Bose speakers (Behind audience, for sound effects)
  • Single amp available for monitor, practical speaker etc
  • House mixer is Soundcraft Si Expression
  • Yamaha MG16/6FX available for use in our studio spaces
  • Mac Mini with QLab Pro, 8 channels on desk
  • Dual CD players – Numark CDN22 Mk5 (autopause)
  • 12 way multi to SR wing (9 inputs/3 returns)
  • 3 way multi to SL wing
  • 2 BSS AR-113 DI
  • 1 Shure Beta 57
  • 2 Shure SM 58
  • 1 Shure SM 57
  • 3 K&M mic stand w/ boom arm


System is a mixed TecPro/Altair.

  • 3 headsets in control room (LX op, sound op and spare)
  • 1 headset at SR DSM position
  • 2 moveable beltpacks

Theatre is equipped with a show relay system, audio on stage is distributed to most backstage areas. ROH paging microphone is located on DSM desk in SR wing. Video relay is provided at control position, DSM desk and dressing room.


  • Unique 2.1 hazer with DMX control
  • Martin Magnum 650 Smoke Machine with Remote Control over IEC
  • Double gobo rotator (independent rotation directions possible), speed can be preset or controlled from AC power supply.

Please provide any details of pyrotechnics, smoke effects or the use of naked flame at least 14 days in advance, so appropriate authorisation may be obtained. Details of all substances falling under the COSHH regulations must be provided at least 14 days in advance.


  • Epson EB-92 Projector with rigging mount
  • Fast Fold Screen, size pending

One VGA run is provided to the box, QLab computer equipped to run video.