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1942. Held in prison without trial for six weeks, three women await interrogation. This isn’t Germany. This isn’t Russia. This is England. Exploring the little known wartime defence regulation that arguably undermined the democracy of Churchill’s Britain, ’18b’ exposes moral questions over a period of history honoured in the text books. A charming fascist, eccentric outsider and a German infiltrator force their interrogators to question the measures we should resort to in the protection of state and nation. A punchy, provocative, challenging new perspective on our nation’s history from a fresh and exciting award-winning company.

book_fringr’18b’ is on odd days only at 3:45pm.

Queen B

Dan is lost inside his own existence. Everything hasn’t quite turned out how he would have liked and he is afraid the big moments of his life have already passed him by. When he meets Amy, a 19 year old girl with a completely unfiltered and free-spirited view of the world despite her fractured family life, he finds a way to live again, rebelling against everything he holds dear. But how does a 40 year old man go about meeting a 19 year old girl? And can the repercussions from their first meeting ever really go away?

book_fringr‘Queen B’ is on even days only at 3:45pm.

The Reviewers

Another company, comprised entirely of NNT Alumni, are also bringing up their show ‘The Reviewers’.
‘It’s not business– it’s personal.’ Spawn of the West End Reviews, headed by the conscienceless Keira Cochrane, make Edinburgh a miserable place to be during Fringe month. The city is rife with bribery, corruption and generically angsty student shows. So when the Critic with No Name rides into town with a new brand of objective critique, sparks will fly as thick and fast as the vindictively-worded reviews. Parodying everything from Les Miserables to Dirty Harry, The Reviewers is an irreverent new musical comedy that’ll make you ask yourself one question: Are you feeling objective? Well, are you punk?

book_fringr‘The Reviewers’ is on Monday to Saturday only at 1:45pm at Greenside.

Both of our shows are showing at the ZOO Monkey House. ZOO is in prime position among the cluster of venues in Edinburgh’s Old Town, just a few minutes’ walk from the Fringe Box Office and right at the heart of the Festival experience.Venue number 124

140 The Pleasance