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Cheque Please

Cheque Please follows Ivy, a waitress, who offers the audience a chance to experience a couple of weeks inside her head. Dealing with her depression and on a spiral of self evaluation she is forced to decide, with the aid of the audience, if she too wants to collect the cheque on her life and commit suicide herself. With the help of the other characters that influence her life, they build and illuminate conversations and experiences for the audience both as an outsider and from the inside of her own mind, posing the question; is your life worth it?

‘Cheque Please’ is on odd days only at 11:00am.
Cheque Please


Sharp devised theatre peering through the cracks in modern Britain.
A brand new original piece set in a takeaway on election night. This play brims with bizarre characters, plucked right from the Great British public, spinning a tale of nostalgic optimism and greasy fingers.
We have cobbled together stories from across Britain in an attempt to find the threads of commonality often hidden from view. If you love Russell Brand, hate Russell Brand, watch Question Time, watch Gogglebox, vote UKIP, vote Green, love this country or don’t recognise it anymore, this one’s for you.

‘Open’ is on even days only at 11:00am.

Both of our shows are showing at the ZOO Monkey House. ZOO is in prime position among the cluster of venues in Edinburgh’s Old Town, just a few minutes’ walk from the Fringe Box Office and right at the heart of the Festival experience.Venue number 124

140 The Pleasance