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Based on The Tempest, Wrecked is an absurd political satire chronicling two days in the lives of six pirates and one dead parrot, shipwrecked on a tropical island. When there is no longer an authority to rebel against, these buffoonish buccaneers turn on one another, each vying for power. Using different ideologies to manipulate their comrades, this play explores whether institutions can ever be anything but systems for oppression and whether power is always corrupting – two themes often present in Shakespeare’s plays. We do this by playing on the romantic notion of pirates being swashbuckling, underdog freedom fighters.

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‘Wrecked’ is on even days only at 6:30pm

Escape For Dummies

Escape for Dummies

“Store closing in fifteen minutes. All security to level one.” Deep within the confines of retail prison, a lone dummy dreams of a world beyond the shutters of the shop. Until the day comes when a new arrival in womenswear topples his lonely existence, beginning an unspoken bond unique as the barcode on their clothes. Evading the watchful gaze of suspicious security guards, maniacal watch dogs and the sinister floor manager, they hatch a last-ditch attempt to escape. This is the story of two mannequins with love in their fiberglass hearts and freedom in their sculpted heads.

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‘Escape For Dummies’ is on odd days only at 6:30pm

Both of our shows are showing at the Greenside @ Royal Terrace. Royal Terrace is a hidden gem, only a short walk from the Edinburgh Playhouse. Venue number 231

1b Royal Terrace