The Nottingham New Theatre

Alumni Network

Keep in touch, build connections, and be part of the NNT Alumni Network during this exciting time in the history of the Nottingham New Theatre.

We produce bi-annual newsletters, alongside our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our network has expanded over the last few years to include over 200 members, with our earliest members graduating back in 1953!

The Alumni Network was founded several years ago in order to build a stronger sense of the history of the theatre, to build connections between current and previous members and to keep alumni informed of the progress of the theatre and of fellow alumni.

If you haven’t already, please register here.


History Project

The Alumni Network’s History Project was started with the aim of archiving every show, committee, member and publicity material since the start of student theatre at the University of Nottingham. You can browse the Nottingham New Theatre’s rich archive at

This is an extremely exciting project for the Nottingham New Theatre, and something which is completely unique among both student and professional theatres in this country. We haven’t found a single other theatre which offers such an extensive, vibrant and interactive online archive.

Our current information suggests that the Nottingham Dramatic Society formed in 1927 – this means that we have a history which spans almost 90 years! Please do get in touch if you have any fun stories or shows that aren’t in our archive by dropping an email to

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at the moment, to find out first as to when there are some organised please sign up to the network.


If you have any queries contact the Network Coordinator Emma Kendall at