How to Get Involved

We take two shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival who take turns to perform in our allocated slot each evening (2pm - 3pm). We are performing in TheSpace venue: Perth Theatre from the 12th - 28th August.


Deadline for Proposals: 6th March 2022

If you have any questions please get in touch with Maisie Jack, External Relations Manager

Proposals Form

Proposals Form - not yet available, will be released in February 2022


Order From Chaos - Edinburgh Fringe 2019


Auditions will be carried out on the 10th and 11th March, you can audition for both shows.

1. When you arrive, you’ll be given a piece. Take this away and become familiar with it (most people take around 10-15 minutes).

2. Come back and perform it for the team. You don’t need to learn it, just give it your best shot.

3. That’s it! Take a rest before heading to your next audition.

If you are experiencing any difficulties do not hesitate to contact Maisie Jack, External Relations Manager.


On Friday (11/03) night a callbacks list will be released onto the NNT Facebook page. Please consult this and note down when you have been called back and for which show. You may be called back twice for the same show but you should not be called back for different shows at the same time. If you have been double booked please get in contact with Pip Horn or Ylana Gibert immediately as this would be a mistake. Callbacks will be conducted on Saturday 12th. You may still be cast even if you are not called back so please stay by your phone on the Sunday regardless.


On Sunday 13th a casting meeting will take place. We cast parts by working through shows one at a time. We will flip a coin to determine which parts we start with (M, F, GN) and work through them one at a time. This is a lengthy process so please stay by your phone all day. We keep the NNT Facebook page updated, stating which parts we’re casting and when we’re taking breaks. If a team wants to cast you, you will receive a phone call. If you do not answer we will keep trying to contact you, but after 15 minutes will need to move on and you will no longer be offered that role. You may be offered multiple parts so please take time after auditions / callbacks to consider which shows you would prefer to be in.

Production Team

For each show going to Edinburgh, there are three compulsory roles: Publicity Manager, Technical Stage Manager, and Show Assistant. These individuals will travel up to Edinburgh with the cast, director and producer. The specifics of the show assistant role is dependent on the show (please see the key information packs).

Our teams are also looking for some Nottingham based roles. These individuals will not travel to Edinburgh. They will help the show get up on its feet and help prep for StuFF. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get involved but does not want to commit to the time or expense. The roles being looked for are different in each show (please see the key information packs).

Applications will open on Friday 11th March until Friday 18th March. If you are interested you should submit a 300-word application by email, detailing why you are suitable for the role and why you want to take it on. Please consult the relevant committee member with any questions you have about the roles.

The Process

This pack details how the EdFringe process works and should answer any questions you have. Please contact Maisie Jack, External Relations Manager if there is anything else you want to know.