Proposals Forms

You’ll need to fill in either of these forms and submit it to the relevant Season Co-ordinator by email before the deadline for your proposal to be considered.

Tips and Rules

  • The Proposal Form must be used exactly (no modification to questions)
  • Word limits must be adhered to
  • Draft it in Word or Google Docs and then paste it into the form - very useful if you’re working as a team
  • More detailed advice can be found in the Proposals Pack, below.

External and Edinburgh forms are available on request by emailing Maisie Jack, External Relations Manager.

Proposing Teams

If you’re looking to put on a show at The Nottingham New Theatre, the following resources will be a help in putting together your proposal forms.

If you’re looking to propose, check out our Proposals Pack. It’s a handy guide to filling in the proposals form for both the In House and Fringe seasons.

If you’re proposing for the Fringe season, you may be interested in our External Venues Pack, which has information about off-site venues that we’ve worked in before. Don’t feel you’re limited to these though – just about anywhere can be a performance venue!

During the Q&A part of the Proposals Day, the committee will be posing questions to you. We’ve prepared a list of some of the most common – but by no means the only ones you may face!

Production Teams

Now you’ve got your show on, we’ve made some packs to make the various bits and pieces involved in bringing it to the stage that bit easier.

To help put on your show, we’ve put together a Show Pack, which contains information about publicity, front of house, tech, and lots of other things we think will be useful. Whether you’re a brand new team, or this is your fifth show, take a look.

This document must be read and signed by all production team members as the very first thing you do for your show. It’s here in case you need a reminder.

Backstage Areas

It’s not just production teams who can get their hands on some great resources. There are a whole host of handy documents and files for anyone working behind the scenes.

For everything you need to publicise your show, complete with deadlines and guides for production shots, rehearsal videos, and social media tips.

A wealth of resources and tips for being part of a tech team, covering all roles before a show, during a get in, and once the run starts.

Useful Links